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If you are a developer or designer who is creating cutting edge user interface experiences using Microsoft Expression Blend you've just found a great resource!  The purpose of this site is to share our experience with this brand new product.  As with any new piece of software there is a ton to discover.  Bugs will be revealed and workarounds discovered, hopefully this can be a resource to share in the discovery process!

While this site will focus largely on Expression Blend, it will also encompass WPF, Visual Studio, Silverlight, and other .net 3.5 technologies as they relate to the creation of great software.

Please login using your Microsoft LiveID or register a new account.  Doing so will let you comment on any of the blog entries on the site.  We look forward to helping you in your endeavors as well as you helping others in theirs!  We'd love to have more bloggers on our site...if you are interested please register and contact us!

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Location: BlogsSean Cullinan    
Posted by: Sean Cullinan 12/20/2007 12:14 PM

I've been humming along with Vista on my Dell Latitude D820 for over a year now and have been pretty pleased.  However, one thing I noticed was that if I tried to play a .wmv file it took about 5-10 seconds to load up and begin playback in Windows Media player.  Annoying when working with media elements!  MPG and AVI files did not experience such a delay which led me to believe something was wrong with the .wmv codec on my system.  After playing around for quite a while I started to think about possible issues with hardware/drivers.  Sure enough, if I right clicked on the speaker icon an selected "playback devices", then right clicked on the headphones/speakers output device and selected properties, then checked "disable all enhancements" on the enhancements tab my .wmv files started to play immediately as expected!

A colleague of mine who does a ton of windows media stuff had reported the same problem with his D820.  Dell gave him a new D830 an the problem went away.  Knowing now that the problem was related to the sound chip I was surprised to discover that the D830 had the same sound chip as the D820.  When I checked my colleague's machine however, he had a newer version of the Sigmatel driver.  Sure enough, on Dell's website, they have a new version of the driver for the D830 but never posted it for the D820.  I set the enhancements tab back to its default state by unchecking "disable all enhancements."  As expected with the old driver WMV's took a while to load.  I then upgraded to the D830's driver and the .wmv files started playing back without delay!  Another colleague with a D820 also reported that he was having the same problem with MP3's which was very annoying and this fixed it.

I decided to look at what other driver updates were made available for the D830 that was not made available for the D820 even though they share a lot of the same hardware.  I discovered that the Gigabit network adapter also had a newer driver under the D830 that works on the D820 and upgraded that.  I wasn't having networking issues per-se but I like having the most recent drivers, and now I do.

I'm not sure why Dell isn't making the updated drivers available for the D820.  The sound card one fixes a bone-fide problem that we've confirmed on multiple machines.  I will point Dell to this blog posting and hopefully they will rectify the situation!

Hope his helps any D820 users out there.

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