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 My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle Minimize
Location: BlogsSean Cullinan    
Posted by: Sean Cullinan 2/6/2008 10:09 PM

I was having very odd behavior on my Dell Latitude D820 which has steadily gotten worse since December.  It started with DirectX applications.  I enjoy playing FSX from time to time and although my D820 is a bit underpowered in the GPU area it would play fine.  Starting around December though FSX would play ok for about 5-10 minutes and then start stuttering.  The CPU would then hang at 100% and all heck would break loose.  As my primary use of this laptop is not for games but for development I just put FSX aside and plugged on. 

Starting in January it got worse.  Video playback would stutter after a few minutes and my CPU would go to 100% utilization.  I started getting Video Driver crashes in Vista and I couldn't understand why.  I thought it may have something to do with drivers so I went to and downloaded the absolute latest Nvidia drivers.  The problems didn't go away so I reverted back to Dell's drivers.  I thought it might be my sound card drivers which were actually for the D830 as posted in an earlier blog, but downgrading them just made my systyem worse as the upgrade fixed several issues.

What was going on here?  I couldn't figure it out.  Finally it occurred to me that these problems only started happening when the system was doing something intense for an extended period of time.  I also noticed that the laptop was scorching hot when I took it off my docking station.  I started to think that it was overheating.  Using a great piece of software called i8kfanGUI I was able to monitor my system temps.  My CPU was idling at 74 degrees and my GPU was idling at 75 degrees celcius.  When running secondlife my GPU was getting up to 85c and my CPU 81c  Not know if this is hot or not I borrowed my bosses' D820 and put my harddrive in it.  Now i8kfanGUI was showing an idle temp of about 54 on the cpu and 56 on the GPU, much lower.  I found my culprit.

I have Dell Gold technical support so I told them what I found.  The tech said he had a D820 himself and used i8kfanGUI which I was glad to hear.  After discussing things for a while we agreed that we should have the heatsink and fan replaced on the unit.  When getting this cleared by his supervisor he mentioned i8kfanGUI and told me that "my supervisor says you should remove that software immediately as it will void your warranty."  WTF I thought, you just told me you were using it.  He said that "I can do with that info what I may" and I could tell that he thought it was ridiculous but just wanted to let me know what his super told him.  So I get in trouble for helping Dell diagnose the problem (heat problems can be very tough to figure out).

It looked like everything was on course to get resolved, but looks can be deceiving.  I am now located in the US Virgin Islands and even though we are part of the US, Dell doesn't see it that way.  I got transferred and given about 15 different phone numbers and spent 4 hours at this point trying to get someone who can help me.  Finally I was put on with Gold Technical support in Latin America.  The specialist, who was very good, was obviously not speaking English as his first language.  I guess I misunderstood him as I thought I was told that the technician would get back to me with in 24 hours to set up an appointment.  Its been over a week and I still haven't received that call.  When I followed up via email I was told I could expect a call when they have the part; a time that couldn't be determined.  To put it in perspective, Gold support in the US (mainland apparantly) means 24 hour response time. 

It had been over a week and I still hadn't received a call back so I took matters into my own hand.  I got a can of compressed air and went to town. I took off the keyboard and hit the HSF assembly from that direction and also hit it from within the fan ports.

Guess what, my system now idles at 54 degrees c on the CPU and GPU!  No more problems playing FSX, or with playing back videos.  Everything is working well.  I emailed Dell support and said "thanks but no thanks" as I won't need their tech anymore. 

If you are having wierd problems with your laptop, be it a Dell D820 or any model I'd check the temperatures to see if they are high.  I also would NOT recommend getting Dell Gold support if you aren't going to spend most of your time in the 50 US states.  I am 90 miles from Puerto Rico which is a huge US commonwealth and am treated like a second class citizen by Dell.  I have owned 5 different Dell laptops over the last 7 years, have sold 20 or so to clients as part of consulting packages, but will now have to re-think my allegiance.  Finally, .50 cents of compressed air can solve a problem that cost me tons of time and lost productivity...if you are having heat problems definitely use liberal amounts of compressed air to try to clear whatever it is that is blocking your machine's exhaust..

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Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By Zorba D on 4/29/2008 5:30 AM
Thanks a mill for your article. i've been trying to solve a issue for weeks with a D820 with similiar issues. And i've just confirmed that the laptop is HOT...very hot. Thanks again

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By Zorba D on 4/29/2008 6:17 AM
Thanks a mill for your article. i've been trying to solve a issue for weeks with a D820 with similiar issues. And i've just confirmed that the laptop is HOT...very hot. Thanks again

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By MUDrew on 4/29/2008 7:39 PM
I have had the exact same problem with my D820. I am gonna have to try that. How did you remove the keyboard?

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By Sean on 5/13/2008 8:03 AM
MUDDrew,<br><br>Sorry for the delay in response. It's simple to remove the the screen all the way. Look to the right on the plastic piece above the keyboard. You will see an area where you can pry off the plastic (it pops right off, done it on a bunch of them). There are then 3 screws that hold the keyboard on (obvious which ones they are). Unscrew them, notice the keyboard is sort of clipped in on the sides and bottom. Simply wiggle the keyboard right to pop out the left side, then wiggle the keyboard left to pop out the right side. Fold the keyboard up and back towards the bottom of the laptop, be gentle as you fold it back as you don't want to put too much pressure on the ribbon cable. You can go to Dell's website and get the service manual (one great thing they don on is post these). This gave me an illustrated view of how to do it, although it really isn't very hard.<br><br>Sean

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By pacoloaeza on 6/20/2008 6:06 PM
thanks a lot, im from Mexico and i have a Dell Latitude d820, with the same problem, y remove everyting, and when i remove the fan O_O OMG the fan have a sponge and the hot air cant go away, the sponge was a lot of little particles

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By Clausen on 8/3/2008 4:43 AM
thanks a lot for your article! I had the same thing with my dell d820, but I managed to remove the "sponge of particles" just by vacuuming the fan inlets and outlets - very simple!

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By neil on 11/10/2008 5:55 PM
" I took off the keyboard and hit the HSF assembly from that direction and also hit it from within the fan ports."<br><br>Hmm. What is a "HSF assembly"?<br><br>

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By Zed on 12/24/2008 9:58 AM
Very helpful article. My D820 was also getting too hot to handle. I cleared the rubbish using compressed air. Since then it is much cooler. However, I do get the odd clicking noise. I think it is coming from the fan so I may need to get it sent away anyway before the warranty runs out. Merry Christmas!

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By Micah on 3/1/2009 3:24 PM
I had to go a bit further and remove the palm rest assembly so that I could remove the fan. I found a layer of dust that effectively had blocked the exhaust vents. Clearing that out gave me a 15C drop in idle temperature (58C to 43C). The Dell site has the service manual with detail instructions on removing each component:

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By Richard D'Souza on 3/8/2009 2:12 PM
I have had problems with my Dell and have had the motherboard replaced 4 time. I think the problem is with the GPU and it can't handle the heat, which sounds like a general nVidia problem, that has different frequencies of crashes depending on board and time. From what the engineers have said, dust was not a problem. This last motherboard has been better, replaced in September, but it is an older one as the sound card is an older flavour. The machine has crashed twice in the last month, so I will be in touch with Dell again, before the warranty ends. I wonder how many times Dell have to replace a motherboard for a single machine before it has become uneconomical? It has already started costing Dell as I have adviced folk to avoid the D820 and they have looked at either Acer, IBM or Asus. I would have looked at the M6400, but after this experience ...probably not.

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By courage_dog on 5/2/2009 10:15 AM
I've got the same problem. See if you can reproduce the following: 1) system turns off when re-calculating Windows Experience Index (right click Computer, then Properties, then Windows Experience Index in the middle of the screen, then Re-run the Assessment, that's on Win7 RC, but I think Vista's the same). 2) system turns off when dragging a Windows Media Player window playing an MPG movie; drag it for about a minute; i8kfangui shows GPU reaching 103 celsiuses just before the turn off. In my case it's not a dust, I'd bet it's just crappy nVidia.

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By karan_oct13 on 5/5/2009 12:02 PM
Hey, I have a problem with my D820. I followed the process you guys mentioned for cleaning the fan, but when putting my computer back together and starting up, I noticed my laptop doesn't stay on for more than 5 secs....I opened everything up and noticed my fan doesn't work. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Do I just need to get a new fan or is there something else wrong?

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By Brandon on 8/18/2009 3:49 PM
I also have a Latitude D820 and these problems sound exactly like mine. It just overheats and slowly steps the processor down till it is impossible to do anything because of the slow speed. This thread as helped me try alot of new things that I have not tried in the past and I thank all of you for that. I tried to overclock my fans to help reduce heat but it did not work. I havn't yet, but going to blow out my fans with compressed air and see how that works. Thank you all for your help, hopefully I can at least make this problem bearable.

My Dell Latitude D820 is no longer too hot to handle    By StevenHunter on 9/1/2009 4:18 PM
i had a similar problem with my d820, it would hold the gpu temp at 150* F and would go to 230* F and shut off when i tried to play games (all within 5seconds) until i took it completely apart and realized that not only did it have did it have dust in it, but it also had a 2-quarter-thick gap between the video card and the heatsink. all i had to do was get a heat transfer pad and paste, put it in, and it transfers the heat away just fine. the only other thing is that once i overclocked the video card to have 1gb of video ram (which is pretty sweet i have to admit) playing games required that it was docked or had an icepack under it to transfer the heat away from the metal shell of the computer (mostly from the dock port area) other than that the casing was normal temp and gpu hangs at 129* F all the time without games running after about 30min of basic running. TIP: dont let the crappy graphics card make you think this is a bad computer, for $449 i got it and tunred it into a comp that plays any game out there at full quality running XP. when you get 4gb system ram you can overclock vid card to steal 768mb from it, giving you 1gb video ram. it also is very safe to do because the computer turns off after 3seconds at 220*F so it is impossible to break it from heating it too much, although the forced shutdown is a sideffect

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By mike on 11/9/2009 7:11 PM
Exactly the same problem. Resolved by using compressed air! Incredible temperature drop from 70° to 52° celsius.

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Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By Jeff on 8/10/2010 11:59 PM
I had the same issue. I took the computer totaly apart using the dell service manual from their website. Tons of dust but I also had another issue. The CPU and cooling paste was not really conducting from the way it looked. The compound had dried to a big hunk of crap. I cleaned it off of the CPU and as much from the copper heat sink as best as I could with rubbing alcohol, small flat head screw driver, and a toothpick. Luckily I had some arctic silver from my case mod days and applied that on the CPU. Been running for about 30 minutes or so and have not got much over 63 C. Hope this helps someone out.

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By Dave Dyer (New Zealand) on 6/14/2011 10:48 PM
Same here. I replaced the fan ... because it was making a noise. It still over-heated. I stuck the laptop on the top of an ice bag (for real) so that I could keep in cool whilst I installed i8kfanGUI (what a great peice of s/w). I then adjusted the fan trip temperatures down ... and I was all sorted. Don't even need my ice bag now.

Re: My Dell Latitude D820 is too hot to handle    By aceofwhitestar on 9/3/2011 12:04 AM
THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)<br><br>I had the same issue. Got very hot and high CPU status. I went to the dell site:<br><br>and downloaded the service manual for the Dell latitude D820.<br>Took the whole thing apart. The region where dust gets settled in my case was the between the FAN - and the heat transfer system. I had like a good blob of dirt stuck in there. There was absolutely no air circulation taking place. All is well now.<br><br>:)<br><br>

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For most of us, the trick to gift-giving is finding things that are significant and personality-appropriate without being ungodly expensive, and if you poke around a bit, luxury retailers are teeming with gorgeous gifts under $500. 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Today at 11 a.m. Eastern, Mansur Gavriel will update its website with its full product line, and you can snag one if you act quickly. (I know people who have managed to do it! It can be done!)<br>[url=][b]sac hermes[/b][/url]<br>[url=][b]Louis Vuitton Outlet[/b][/url]<br>[url=][b]The North Face Jackets[/b][/url]<br>[url=][b]michael kors outlet[/b][/url]<br>For those of you who have never participated in the Mansur Gavriel Hunger Games, here’s how it’s worked in the past: at 11 a.m., the brand’s website will come back online with a full-line restock. Shoppers are limited to one bag per person in order to fend off resellers who are trying to buy in bulk and flip the bags on eBay, so it’s best to have something in mind before you shop. 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